7000 SW 87th Ave, Miami,

FL, United States

Tel. 3052742808

Tortilla, Omelette. $6.49
2 acompañantes, tosted.

Wester Omelette. Reg. $6.99 Clara $ 7.49
Ham vegetables.

Pan con Tortilla, Jamón y Queso. $5.99

Tortillas – Omelettes

Dos a su gusto, papas o harina, 1 acompañante. $5.49
Two Eggs, any style, 1 side order, taters or grits.

Clara, Papa y Harina. $6.99
Two Eggs, potato or Grits, toast. Coffe with milk or black coffe..

Rinconcito Breakfast. $7.49
Two eggs (Fried or Scramble) two pancakes, toast, Coffe with Milk or Coffe.

Bistec a Caballo, Tostada, Café con Leche. $7.99
Steak & Eggs, Toast, Coffe with Milk or Coffe.

Perico Ripiado (Cebolla, Ají, Jamón, Tomate). Reg.$6.49 Clara $6.99
Scrambled Eggs with Onion, Green Peppers, Tomatoes and Ham.

Panques (3). $3.99 Rueda. $1.49

Tostadas (Cubana, americana o integral). $1.35
Toast (Cuban, american or whole).

Empanada de espinaca y queso. $1.99
Pastries (Assorted).

Empanada Pollo. $1.75 Carne. $1.99

Papa rellena. $1.99

Stuffed Potato.

Croquetas. $1.00

Croquettes ham.

Cafe Cubano. $1.49

Cuban coffee.

Cafe con leche. $1.99

Coffee w/ Milk. 

Cafe americano. $1.75

American coffee (Sanka or Folgers).

Servido desde las 6:30 Am a 11:30 Am
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